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Want to feel you stretching me!!!!!!!

Posted: 1 year ago - Sep 18, 2022

I guess I consider myself straight but some reason I get twisted and I turn into a little s*** I'm always wondered what it's like to be with crossdresser or tranny and have their big cock slide in my mouth and then rub on my tight virgin hole. I toy with it but it's never had the real thing ....I sit outside in my car when it starts to get dark I'll start playing with myself I got this little flashlight it's got a red light and I'll flash it at the cars going down the road or I'll stand up and shine it on my cock let them see me jerk it as a pass some hit their brakes but none has stopped yet...

I just have one circle back twice an go real slow it scared me but I think one stopped I'll see what's up and maybe I can suck his cock always make me so hot just want to know what it feels like trannies are the best I'm fantasize for them all the time.. I haven't met this old friend I'm known for a long time and I said her or her g-spot was and I made her come four or five times at night and she was mind blown and I let her finger my ass felt good but she really didn't do it rite ... But I don't think I could just be f***** by a man you're going to have to be a cute man a good looking sexy looking man that got girl features so that's fine story

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