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The Adventures of mandy Love: Chapter 4: Submissive Mandy: Part 2.

Posted: 8 months ago - Jul 20, 2022

The Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 4: Submissive Mandy, Part 2.

You kiss my parted lips, savoring my state of stunned satiation, and I taste my cum on your lips. You smile, and whisper one instruction in my ear:

‘Eat me, babe, eat me now!’

This is accompanied by a firm downwards pressure on my shoulders, and of course I know what you want. Miraculously, my physical and sexual energy returns redoubled at this delightful prospect, for I have been longing to wrap my tongue around your clit ever since I first laid eyes on you. I drop down to my haunches, my knees spreading apart for balance.

My skirt is still rucked up around my waist and, as I squat in front of you, a fresh draft of air wafts under the wooden partition wall and with me still gaping from your fist fucking me, I feel the draft on my smooth, shaved bottom and now deflating clit. The air almost tickles around my clit.

I glance downwards for a second; through the gap of four or five inches between the base of the partition and the tiled floor, I can see that in the cubicle behind you there are two pairs of feet – one those of a black CD sister wearing smart cream-colored pumps, the other a pair of red stilettos with leather straps encasing slim white ankles, and I can tell, from the placing of their feet, and the orientation of the heels that the black Cd sister is slowly, deeply sliding what is probably a massive clit into the white CD sister’s ass.  This must be the couple I saw on the dance floor before and I can just imagine the thin red head bent over, back arched, holding onto the wall, allowing the stronger, more muscular Cd sister to penetrate her, dominate her, turn her into a little CD bitch. 

It takes me barely a second to register the sapphic activity next door, and I lift my eyes again to admire your elegant grey linen slacks. Their sheer cut is classically elegant and, seen close up, the fine weave of the fabric is clearly of the highest quality. At first, I run my palms over the outside of your trouser legs, and then across the smooth rise of your pelvis and up and down your inner thighs, working my way ever closer to the triangle where they meet – the fount of desire, the place where X marks the treasure trove of Gloria’s Ashly.

This subtle stimulation is all the more erotic because I have not yet removed any more of your clothing, and it is having the desired effect upon you, teasing your libido, and setting your nerve-ends tingling. I even feel a little increased bulge as your gaff strains to hold your clit in place.

Now I become firmer in my caresses, and I rub my hand hard upwards against the crotch of your slacks, pressing the seam against you and creating an involuntary camel toe effect around your tucked clit. 

. You give a throaty sigh, and look down. Here you enjoy a splendid sight from directly above my head – my full breasts stick out conically, as I lean closer to you and rub my nipples along the thin fabric that covers your upper thighs. This has a powerful effect on both of us. Your voice has a shaky note for the first time, as you rasp with sudden urgency:

‘Get my clit out, you slut! Get my gaff off an untuck me, and eat me, you slutty bitch, EAT ME NOW!!’

Spurred on by your command, I change pace altogether and move into rapid action. I swiftly seize the zipper at the side of your trousers, and with a sharp downwards jerk I open its six-inch length. Then it is only the work of a second to undo the two buttons at the waist-band, and pull your slacks down to your ankles. I pause for just a second, transfixed by the proximity of my face to the crotch of your panties – which, as I might have expected, are both stylish and sensual.

Your clit is nicely tucked, just barely covered by a black thong of gauze and delicate floral lace which matches your bra, and it has my favorite feature: shoestring sides that have to be tied together in a little bow. And that means ... yes, I think ... ahh, yes!

I loop my index fingers through the hoops of the neat little bow-ties and tug outwards, quickly and firmly. Of course, both ties come undone simultaneously, and the front of your panties flops down like a drawbridge under siege, exposing your clit which, when you part your legs a bit, drops down and immediately engorges now that it has been released from the constraints of the very fashionable gaff.

With a half-grunt, you open your legs a little farther so that I can remove the whole garment, and – as it is obviously an expensive example of the lingerie designer’s art – I put it carefully on the toilet lid. I gaze admiringly at your lightly-tanned thighs, at the curving jut of your clit which now is beginning to point right at me, and what a clit it is. I can see that even though it is not yet fully hard, it is very thick at the base, with a perfectly shaped and rapidly flaring smooth head, long veins begin to protrude from the shaft as life is pumped into it at an ever faster rate. 

Your clit rapidly inflates and is soon its majestic 11 inches long and 3 inches in diameter at the base. I am silenced by its size and girth, just mesmerized by it as it points right at me.

I drink in the heady perfume emanating from your arousal, and reach up to grip your clit head just under the base as I notice your pre cum oozing out. I cannot resist and extend my long, sensuous tongue to lick right at your hole to taste for the first time your delicious pre cum. I savor the bitter sweetness of it as I lick it all away and retract my tongue to coat my mouth with your flavor. 

“Hmmmmmm” I say as I lick my lips and look up at you with your eyes closed, breathing more deeply now.

You are, of course, impeccably clean-shaven, and the skin around your clit has a healthy and even bronze sheen – not for you the ugly contrast of pale and pasty skin outlined by some cheap crude beachwear, like a plastic porno star. You exude class and elegance, from the perfect neatness of your coiffure, where there is still not a strand of hair out of place, and your tasteful clothes and lingerie, to your well-toned muscles and smooth flawless complexion. No one has ever more deserved the attention of my tongue, lips, and throat. I am thankful to kneel in awe before Ashly, and worship at the font of adoring your clit like no one has before. In complete submission to you I am right at that moment. if my devotions are sincere enough, perhaps you will accept me into my new faith, and baptize me with your cum in my mouth, deep in my throat, all around my tongue, and even on my lips that I might savor the tase by licking my lips after you are thoroughly spent.

I press my pursed lips against your now fully erect rock hard clit which extends so far from your body with its glorious 11 inches in length that I have to adjust my feet to move back against the stall wall.

I probe the slash at the tip of your clit hoping for more pre cum, with the tip of my tongue, in little darting licks and dabs. Then I bring my teeth to bear upon your bare skin, running them up and down under your clit head, giving little nipping nibbles as I do so. I know I am having an effect upon you, for your breathing becomes more audible and your hands tighten their grip upon my shoulders, your nails digging into me.

Now my lips part and I allow your clit to thrust in further and deeper, retreating  with your involuntary hip movements, which allows me to lap in wide strokes up and down your shaft with the flat part of my tongue.

I then delve  one of my fingers into the vortex of your anal star. I bring my fingers up to supplement my oral attentions to your clit and you part your legs even further as you clearly enjoy the double attention to your massive clit and your beautiful ass.

With one, and then two  fingers, I tease apart your tight, puckering hole, seeking, and sliding them slowly into and out of your ass, never for one second stopping with my oral attention to your clit. my reward is a moan and a shiver that runs through your frame.

My other hand seeks the base of your rock hard clit to stabilize it for what is about to happen. 

With two fingers deeply inserted into your ass, I stretch it apart, allowing me to tease you from the inside and you squirm and shiver at the obviously wanted attention to your ass hole.

I now clamp my lips around your slippery clit like a limpet, and I begin to suck hard as I move my head up and down your shaft. I look up at you for just a second to notice your eye lids fluttering and then push hard against the stabilized base of your rock hard, massive clit.  The head of your clit slides to the back of my wet mouth, encounters my throat , and with practiced efficiency, I relax my throat to allow your head to start sliding down my well lubricated oral love tunnel.

I make sure not to nick you with my teeth as I push harder, and harder until I can feel your balls resting against my smooth chin. I can hardly believe it myself, but from years of practicing my deep throating technique with large, thick dildos, I was able to take you all the way down my throat without ever gaging. I try to smile at my accomplishment, but there is no way. Every inch of my mouth is filled, my lips are stretched to the limit to accommodate your coke can size clit base and I just hold you there for a moment, wiggling my tongue against the underside of your shaft.


Now I can feel you starting to tremble, and your breath becomes louder and sharper, in erratic pants and gasps. Your hands release my shoulders, and from the corner of my eye, I see you grasp the cups of your bra and tug them downwards. Your shapely pert faux breasts spill out of the flimsy garment, and you seize your nipples, one in each hand, and maul them. I know then that you, too, have the sensor transfer pads installed which allow every sensation on your faux nipples to be transferred to your actual nipples underneath.  You gasp as you pinch your faux nipples hard and this is my que.

I redouble my efforts with my fingers in your ass, corkscrewing then into and out of you, while now bobbing up and down on your clit.

My every sense is engaged: I can feel your thighs quivering, I can smell the wafts of arousal from your clit -glands, I can taste the flowing stream of your now constant pre cum, , I can see the sheen of glistening sweat that beads your golden body, I can hear your rising gasps and broken words, and so I know that you are on the cusp of coming.

It is time for the coup de grace, which I know is ten times more effective if you have the patience to wait for the right moment, and like a Californian surfer take the monster breaker as it crests and ride it to crash upon the shore in a welter of foam and spray. You are ... almost, almost ... ready ... YES!!

Without warning, I do three things at once which fuse into a sexual cum-bomb. My fingers in your ass squeeze  your love gland tightly, my lips lock around just the head of your long, glistening clit, with my full suck powers engaged so that my cheeks concave in, and – the detonator to the blast – my other hand leaves your clit base and begins sliding up and down your clit shaft in a rotating motion

Your head jerks backwards, slamming with a wincing bang against the partition wall behind you – but it is only thin chipboard, so it will not have hurt you. Your hands release your nipples, and instead you grab the back of my head and try to get me to take your clit deeper, but no way.  I know exactly what you want and the vice like lock of my mouth around your clit head with the rotating motion of my hand up and down your thick, massive clit shaft is precisely what you crave.

. You give a loud inarticulate cry, your ass-cheeks clench and quiver, and you come in a climax of breath-taking, earth-shaking, dizzy-making intensity. Spurt after spurt of your come coats the inside of my mouth, but with a full suck on, you’re cum is vacuumed right down my throat.

I ease of on my vacuum power to allow two spurts of your cum to languish on my ton and in my mouth. I will now not swallow until I have milked you dry, and this will take several more moments. I allow my tongue to form a hard point and begin flicking it on the sensitive skin under your clit head and I feel your clit jerk a little as you deliver another spurt of cum to my mouth.

As your iron grip on my head relaxes slightly in the aftermath, allowing me to get a gasp of breath, your clit momentarily slips out of my mouth , and your clit squirts a spray of your juices across my upper lip, and I open my mouth wide  and extend my tongue to lap it up.

The high-priestess has indeed blessed and baptized me, and I am now admitted as a communicant in the worship of heather, my goddess. I am content indeed, for now I will eat of the flesh of your clit and drink the golden wine of your cum-juice, whenever you allow me to kneel before you, to worship your clit, to adore my submissive role.

I re-insert your clit into my waiting, wet, cum filled mouth and continue flicking your sensitive under head area for what seems like another 60 seconds and with my lips still locked around your clit head, I begin actually milking your clit shaft. With each pull down your clit shaft, I receive another golden, bitter sweet strand of your cum, and this milking action carries on for about 60 seconds until I am convinced that you are completely spent, and dry. 

Not one drop of your cum escaped my eager, inviting, mouth and now that you are empty, I lean back and look up at you to smile. Then I open my mouth and allow you to watch as I toss my tongue around and around the pool of cum in my mouth. I push some cum out to my lips and then suck it back, only to push it out again and lick it up with my tongue, again and again, loving the sensation, loving your fixed gaze on me as I worship your cum.

As if I was waiting for your permission, you say in a quivering voice:

“Swallow it slowly, in several small gulps. I want to watch it flow down your throat, you little fucking slut.”

I obey my mistress and with short, shallow gulps, I begin to swallow your cum down my throat. I make it last for 20 small gulps, and when finished, I part my red lips, open my mouth, and show off that I have taken your full load, gratefully, willingly, and ever so lovingly.

You recover your breath, but still lean for support against the wooden wall. In the sudden silence, we hear from the cubicle behind you a series of rising harsh cries:

‘Oh, fuck, yes! Oh, yes, yes – aah, oh fuck me! Aaah, fuck me, fuck me! Aaaahhh, FUCK ME, FUCK ME NOW!!’

The wall vibrates against your back, as the black CD sister that I saw earlier on the dance floor and the pretty baby-faced busty red headed Latina come together, long clit buried deeply into the red head’s ass, in fierce eager urgency. You look down at me and smile – oh, what a lovely smile you have! it is warm, and yet with still a tinge of vulpine desire! – and we both laugh.

You put a finger under my chin and gently raise me to my feet, and then your arms wrap around me and pull me into a tight embrace, and I feel again the wonderful sensation of my erect tits pressing against your smaller firm globes.

You kiss me, in slow languorous pleasure, both of us content in the security that comes after the first furious sexual lust has been satisfied, after the commitment has been made to share our bodies utterly, and in the knowledge that the night is young and there are many hours of lipstick CD lesbian passion still to be enjoyed. Then you whisper, a husky tone in your throat:

‘Well, babe, I think I can hold off for just about long enough to drive you back to my place – but, honey, get your strength back, because once we’re there, I’m going to want you – again, and again, and again!’

As if to mark the occasion, you turn me around an lift up my short dress again. â€œSpread your legs babe”, you command and I obey by shuffling my stilettos apart a little, arching my back and sticking out my tight, well fist fucked ass.

You reach into your jacket pocket which you had placed on the stall door and pull out a jeweled object, all shiny with silver gleaming artwork on it. With a hand pressed into my shoulders so as to prevent me from moving, you take the cold steely object and slide it down my back, between my ass cheeks, and rest it at the entrance of my CD love hole. The cool sensation generates an entire crop of goose bumps, and I begin to shake, not knowing what is next.

With a practiced and confident manner, you push the anal plug into my nearly gaping asshole, stretched due to the fist fucking I received 30 minutes ago now and once inserted, you press a button and it expands into my asshole to the size of a tennis ball. 

I try to scream, but you have anticipated my reaction and have cupped my mouth with the hand which had been forcing me into the stall wall. My cry is muffled into your hand and after a moment, you release your clamp on my mouth. You whisper,: “Give it a moment babe, you will get used to it soon.”. 

I was panting now with this large, expandable anal plug in my CD love hole and with wobbly legs, I tried to remain calm.  

“Now that’s a good girl”, you purr in my ear as I feel your hand leave my mouth and allow me to stand up straight. 

I have a remote control and will increase the size a little bit in between now and when we arrive at my place so that I am sure you are nicely dilated for what I will be sliding into your tight ass.   My fist and forearm are nothing as compared to my clit when fully engorged and you are going to open up for me, to allow me to explore the depths of your ass like no one has ever before.

As I take in your words, the hit me like a triple shot of vodka and I become drunk with the notion of you taking me, to your bedroom, laying me down and sliding your monster clit deep inside of me, to claim me, to make me your bitch.

Oh, heather, thank you, thank you – sweep me up in your chariot of fire, and take me to heaven, to your glorious heaven! I so want to be a good girl for you, to please you, to allow you to use me, pleasure yourself with my body, to completely control me as I fall into your spell and become your most faithful member of your stable of submissive. 

I take one step forward and realize that the size of the anal plug requires me to walk with my ass stuck out a little, which pleases you. You straighten out the hem of my short dress and pat my ass which is almost showing underneath the hem.  As we walk out of the stall.

Continued in The Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 4: Submissive Mandy, Part 3.

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