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The Adventures of mandy Love: Chapter 8: Mandy Auditions at the Casting Call.

Posted: 10 months ago - Jul 28, 2022

The Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 8: Mandy Auditions at the Casting Call.

You are the casting agent and Mandy will attempt to impress you with her acting skills. Can you imagine yourself in the scene with Mandy? 

Scene 1: The Fantasy Party.

In this scene, you and Mandy will be guests at a party, and the first to arrive. You play the part of an honored guest of the hostess, and Mandy will play the part of the consummate party girl, in a bling dress, of course, who wears her personality on her sleeve, literally. Mandy will be wearing three bands on her gloved wrist, with each band signifying what Mandy will be willing to do at the party. Yes, it will be one of those fun party scenes. You and Mandy will engage in fun, provocative conversations and every once in a while, Mandy will ask you to check out her bands. You will snap one to dance with Mandy, two to make out with Mandy (careful not to mess up make up), and snap all three to let Mandy know you are ready to feed Kitty. Mandy will guide you to a plush, private location at the party to service your needs with all of the enthusiasm of one who really needs the part, and hopefully you will let her have her way in what should be a draining performance for you.  For another day will be the party scene in which Mandy wears four bands on her wrist, and snapping four bands in that future scene would permit access to all of Mandy who, would engage in all sorts of submissive behavior including the deep exploration of her character as she would not only lower herself onto that role, but would bend over backwards to get the part right. All for another day with Mandy if things go well.

Scene 2: The Fantasy Call Girl.

In this scene, one of your vendors has set you up for an evening of fun at a very high class lounge where the champagne is free, as Aare the girls. Mandy is the call girl on duty when you arrive and in her front zipper, short, tight, black liquid dress, will encourage you to have fun.  Mandy will entice you with a variety of things to inflate your ego, among other things. As a professional in the scene, Mandy will have at her disposal various props and toys to enhance her role in supporting and servicing your character. It is in this scene that you will need to be very, very clean all over inside and out, to allow Mandy to explore your depths with a tongue lashing, the likes of which you might not have experienced before.  Of course, also expect Mandy to service your inflated character in other ways and while it may not be a draining performance for your character, expect Mandy to enjoy her servicing role for as long as she wishes.  In addition, your character will be encouraged to solicit from Mandy several mini performances in which she will entertain you as she orally engages with her large, long, thick toys, some of which even she cannot ingest fully, but it might be fun for you to watch her try as she struggles to get the part right.

Scene 3: The Fantasy Mistress.

In this scene, Mistress Mandy in her high collar, black liquid, short, tight dress, will have just greeted her new client.   This scene will involve a fair amount of ad lib dialog in which you describe your most secret fantasies about being controlled by a Fem Dom Mistress, and some of them just might come true as you and Mandy explore the scene together. Mandy will have at her disposal some minor props (soft paddle, leather cat o’nine tails whip, blind fold, etc), but nothing serious. At some point in the scene, Mistress Mandy will take you by the hand, lead you to a chair and begin an exploration of her new client. You can make any special request you like (within reason), or just sit back and allow Mistress Mandy to take control of the scene. First encounters with a new Mistress always involve pleasure for the client so your character should expect to be well serviced by Mistress Mandy. Again, whether or not this will be a draining experience for your character, expect Mandy to work on her craft with tremendous enthusiasm and will not end the scene until she believes she has perfected her role. Your character will be encouraged to be creative with her requests, within limits, and the focus will be on fun.

Scene 4: The Mischievous Android Girl Toy.

In this scene, you will have just received and activated a new proto type of girl toy Dall (played by Mandy in a striking dual layered outfit). Mandy the toy is preprogrammed with artificially intelligent algorithms to not only please in any, and every way, but is also capable of learning. You enjoy playing with and exploring every inch of the new, naive toy who will allow you to do anything to her, make her do anything, or just sit and chat. At one point, you offer the toy some champagne, forgetting that she is an android and she accepts it as she is programmed to do. The champagne shorts out part of her circuitry and the once, submissive demure toy, takes on an Alpha Fam personality who will guide your character into a submissive role in the scene, coaxed to allow her to explore at least one, and maybe two of your character’s depths (if you are interested and willing). In this scene, remember to use “Meow” if you want the Alpha Fem character to ease up. Mandy will be expected to give a draining performance in this scene and you should practice your oral exercises to address the long, thick parts of the role you will be asked to examine and play with in the scene.

Send me a PM and tell me in which scene would you like me to audition for you.

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