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the Adventures of mandy Love: Chapter 10: I Meet Mandy, the Southern Bell

Posted: 6 months ago - Nov 28, 2022

The Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 10, Meeting Mandy the Southern Bell.

"It's not the heet, it’s the humidity that kills you." said a soft, sensual, somewhat familiar voice coming from the sauna.

I was mopping the deck near the glass paneled, cabana enclosed outdoor sauna with my back to the spa. The voice made me jump. I lost balance and fell into a lounge chair near the sauna as I tried to turn as see who it was. I couldn’t picture whose voice it was, but I knew I’d had heard it before. I opened the door to the sauna to find Mandy standing in the middle of the sauna, sweaty and wrapped in nothing but a hotel towel around her waist.

Mandy was stunning. Long, tan legs, from what I could see, a very tiny waist with a tight little six back of ab muscles glistening with a sheen of sweat. Broad shoulders for a chic and very well defined arms which could not have had a single ounce of fat on them. Framed perfectly on her chest were two of the most beautiful, perky, breasts I had ever seen. Tan, with no hint of tan lines, they erupted from her flat, svelt torso like two bulbus volcanos. Her nipples were small, but hardening in the night air. The auburn hair which fell around and framed her shoulders seemed silky smooth, even though dam in the steamy environment of the sauna. She seemed angelic in the moonlight, still warm, hot air of the night, with the soft background music playing around the pool area.

Mandy was the new, hot shot from corporate who was attending the hotel leadership conference the next day and I had taken her reservation over the phone the day before. I remember thinking that her low, sultry voice could have made her a phone porn star, but quickly shook the thought from my head as she was one of the most powerful executives in the entire international hotel chain.

Doesn’t that bother you, being naked I a public place?, I said while eying her body from her toes to her head, and blushing with my obvious infatuation with Mandy’s perfect body.

No, because the door to the pool is locked and I didn’t expect anybody to come in here and turn the lights back on. Besides, I am not naked.” She said pointing to the small towel wrapped around her waist. As she said this, she lifted one let to rest atop a bench, exposing her tan, muscular left leg. I could almost see between her legs, but not quite. The white hotel towl around her waist contrasted nicely against her tan, honey hued body, and I was dumb struck at this beauty, here, now, by the pool.

Breaking the awkward silence, Mandy lowered her gaze and then looked up, saying: “Like what you see?”

I stammered out: â€œI, uh, no, uh, I mean, yes. You are amazing, I mean you look amazing.”  

“you know who I am?” Mandy purred

“You, you, you are the new Corporate Vice President of Special Events and Promotions for the entire hotel chain. â€˜ I stammered out, feeling even more uneasy.

“ I took your reservation for the conference yesterday.” I added, a little more confident now. â€œRemember? I am Jay, the Assistant Night Manager.”

“Yes, I do seem to recall your voice. Assistant Night Manager. Well, I guess that makes me your boss.You down with that?” Mandy said in almost a whisper, locking eyes with me.

“Well, I, I, guess so.” I said not sure where this was going, but growing more comfortable with the scene, especially since Mandy was the most attractive woman I had seen toppless in my entire life.

My eyes zeroing in on Mandy’s perfect breasts and hard nipples, I said: “Since, you know, I am your employee and all. You need anything?”

“Well,. As a matter of fact, it has been a long day and I am trying to relax before the big meeting tomorrow. Want to help me relax?” Mandy said drawing a finger across her forehead to wrap a lock of her beautiful hair behind her left ear, with the effect of further highlighting her magnificent rack which seemed to swell as she moved her arm up.

“Uh, uh, well, sure.” I said, the stammering returning in my nervous state. â€œWhat did you have in mind? I have a few minutes before I need to get to my next assignment.”

“I could use a little massage. Are you any good at giving massages?” mandy said in a softening, sultry tone.

“Actually, my girl friend says I give the best massages she has ever had. Is there a particular spot on which you would like me to start?” I was gaining more and more confidence now that the topic had turned to a subject on which I knew plenty. If she only knew that my girlfriend’s favorite massage was a face down, upper back massage with me straddling her legs atop the massage bench, my thick, long cock buried deeply into her tight pussy, and me rocking slowly into and out of her as I worked her back and sholders, her shuddering with multiple orgasms during each massage session. I felt a twinge in my pants at the thought. 

“Good. I have two specific spots in mind for you to start. Come here.” Mandy commanded as she, elbows out and to the side, cupped her perky breasts and pushed them up and out, as if she was offering them to me.

I was frozen in place. Stunned by her move and mesmerized by her holding up and out her breasts, I just stood there with my mouth partly open and trying to breathe.

“Come over here and get to work.” Mandy barked out as she eyed me with those pericing light brown, almost translucent eyes of hers.

I said nothing, dropped the mop, walked over to her, and slowly raised my hands to her breasts.

“You sure you want me to start here?” I said never taking my eyes off her stiffening nipples.

“Yes, silly boy, and if you do not give me the best possible massage, better than you would even give to your girl friend, well, then, I might have to report you for poor job performance.” Mandy said playfully, almost laughing at her own assertion of dominance over me. â€œNow get to work.” 

“OK, you’re the boss.” I said as I closed the gap and then softly squeeze her breasts. Mandy’s were a generous 38 DD, and were so soft to the touch. I felt my cock begin to stir.

As I massaged her soft silky flesh she cupped my chin and raised it to her right nipple. 

“I was thinking about a lip massage.” Mandy said pulling my lips to her erect nipple. 

I pouted my lips and extended my tongue to find her soft, but hard, flesh. The taste was something like vanilla, and I started to suck her nipples hard. To my surprise milk came out into my mouth after I had been sucking for a minute or so.

I have a medical condition that makes my body lactate milk all year round, Mandy breathed through the pleasure of getting her nipples sucked like a giant pacifier. The sweet, cream I was sucking out of her nipples was intoxicating. She kept her hand under my chin and focused my sucking attention on her right nipple until I had sucked out a mouthful of the creamy, sweet liquid. I loved the sensation and it was obvious that Mandy loved it too with low, soft moans of pleasure escaping from her luscious, full, red lips with each exhale of her breath.

Mandy then moved my chin to her left nipple and brought my eager lips to her hard nub.

“yes, babe, suck hard. I want to give you another mouthful.” And with that she pulled, almost forced, my lips onto her left nipple.

More creamy, sweet liquid began to flow after a minute of hard sucking and it was beyond erotic and exciting. My cock was hard as a rock, and mandy’s moans of pleasure were somehow making me even harder than I imagined possible. It even began to hurt, my cock was so hard.

She undressed me as I sucked on her nipples until I stood there, bent over in my boxers, lips lached onto her left nipple.

. My larger than average thick cok was now tenting my boxers and straining to be released. Mandy noticed and reached around my suckling lips to fondle the large head of my cock with its pronounced helmet clearly visible under the straining fabric.

“Hmmmm” came from Mandy’s lips as she withdrew her hand from caressing the head of my cock. â€œAren’t you the big boy.” She mused.

She pushed me down on my knees, MY LIPS STILL LOCKED ONTO HER LEFT NIPPLE, and said: â€œJust a little bit more now baby. Suck it hard and nibble on it with your teeth. Make me cum!”   She put her hands on my shoulders, bent over me, forcing my head back as her breasts hung in my face, my lips locked on her nipple like a milking machine.

I had never been with a woman who could orgasm only from nipple play, so this was a first. As if I was giving her left nipple a hicky, I concentrated my tongue manipulation of her hard nub, while sucking the chrome off her hitch, and then I felt her wobble a little, shake and quiver. Goose bumps formed all over her skin and I felt her grab my hair, almost rip off a patch, as she clentched into a standing orgasm with me suckling her left nipple for all I was worth. I was rewarded with another mouthful of her sweet, cream. She finally pushed me off, my teeth nipping at her nipple as I leaned back.

She pulled me up to a nearby bench and sat beside me. Mandy just shuddered once and then looked up into the moonlite sky, looking at the big Wolf Moon, before turning to face me.

Her skin was glistening with sweat from the sauna and warm night air, to say nothing about the earthquake of an orgasm she just had. I, too, was now sweating and with blood nearly boiling in my veins, was getting hotter.

The next question took me a little by surprise.

“You like oral sex?” Mandy asked, as if ordering from a menu.

“I, I love oral sex.” I blurted out loud, stil reeling from suckling her nipples just moments before.

Leaning in close to me, Mandy said: “Tell me about your best oral sex experience.” She said in a sexy whisper voice in my right ear. Before I could respond, she flicked her soft velvety tongue in my right ear, and then nibbled on my ear lobe.  More goose bumps on my neck and chest formed instantly.

“Tell you what. If your story is good enough, I will remove my towel and thong so you can play. How’s that sound?”  Mandy purred into my ear. â€œAlso, go lock the door to the pool area, I think we deserve some privacy, don’t you?

I stood up to go dead bolt the door to the pool area and noticed that Mandy was staring at my massive bonor pushing my boxer shorts straight out in front of me. I think I even saw her lick her lips as I walked off.

When I returned, she was lounging on one of the reclining chairs near the sauna and beconned me to sit beside her.

“So. Ready to share your story?” she asked, almost shyly.

I started out slow and deliberate with my story. I had never told anyone this story before, but it was, by far, my all time best blow job story. What mandy did not know, she would learn quickly.

“I am a little nervous about telling you about my best oral sex experience. You might think I am weird, or something. I sheepishly whispered into her ear with my eyes focused on her perky breasts with rock hard nipples still engorged from the suckling they just received. . 

“Well, maybe I should lean back for this.” Mandy said as she reclined onto her left side. Mandy looked like a Greek Goddess, lounging on the pillowed lounge chair, head resting on her left hand, propped up on her elbow, one leg crossed over the other and the small towl barely covering her private partes. Her breasts were lazily enjoying the night air , still perky despite the sideways pull of gravity on her torso.

Mandy rested her right hand on my thigh, dangerously close to my raging hard on. She began strumming her fingers on my thigh as if to let me know that she was waiting.

Without waiting for me to start, she teasingly finger walked her way to the opening of my boxers. As if she were a pro, she gently found the head of my throbbing cok and guided it through the opening so that my cock stood out, long and thick from the opening in full glory in the night air. She then pulled my boxers down a bit so that the top of the front opening acted like a strap, forcing my cock to stand straight up, more than 7 inches above the fabric of the shorts. . 

“Maybe this will help you tell your story,” as she very softly began to stroke up and down my cock with her smooth, soft fingers, lightly flicking my cock head with her beautifully manicured glossy red fingernails. Like she was admiring a sculpture, she stared at my cock, tracing little patterns on its shaft and head. â€œHoly fuck” I thought to myself. Is is really happening?

Another shivering shudder shook my body as she ever so softly formed a ring with her thumb and forefinger and started stroking my cock. Up and down, then up, then down, never taking her eyes off my member which had never been so fully engorged.

. I took a deep breath and said: “”OK, here goes, but please consider that I have never, ever, told anyone this story, and am very nervous that you might think I am strange or odd.”

“Oh, baby, don’t worry. There is little you could tell me about oral sex I do not already know and have probably experienced myself, many times. Just relax, and let Misstress Mandy coax you into opening up for me.” Mandy said as she traced a slender finger all the way down my cock shaft, into my boxers and around my balls.

The “Misstress” comment stunned me, but the sensation on my cock was so real, so now, that I skipped over it and continued.

“Well, it happened while I was in college. I was pledging a fraternity on campus during undergrad and one of the things I had to do was get all dressed up in drag and go to a local transgender bar called the G Spot, have a drink, get a photo taken with the bartender, and then leave. I was so, so nervous the Friday night I was required to go on this forced, embarrassing adventure. It so happened that my girl friend waws out of town that weekend at a swim meet, so I made my way to her place to see what I could find to use as props for the night. As a collegiate swimmer myself, I was used to shaving my full body, so I started the adventure with a close shave of everything. For this occasion I even chaved my private parts, everything. I had never done that before, it seemed natural given what I was about to do. I spend a little time on the internet looking up ideas for MTF crossdressing and even found a makeup tutorial. For the next two hours, I got all dolled up with my girl friend’s makeup, found her Halloween costume auburn wig, and even found some silicon breast inserts which even I did not know she used. I selected one of my girl friends black strappy, glossy mini dresses, a pair of black fishnet hold up thigh high stockings with lacey trim, , a matching set of black push up bra and tight thong panties, and even a silver choker style collar with a dangling “S” hanging from the center. My girl friend’s name was Stacie, so I figured that is why there was an “S” hanging from the choker collar. Man was that a mistake when I got to the transgender bar. Anyway, I finally assembled the items on the bed and started putting things on. Black, tight thong on first and based on my internet research, I figured out how to pull back my Johnson to hide it under the thong and between my legs. Next the lacey push up bra with the silicon inserts which I pasted onto my skin with some adhesive I found in my girl friend’s lingerie drawer. . Next the silky smooth fishnet stockings which I pulled up to the top part of my muscular thighs. While sitting on the bed, I snapped on the choker collar and tossed on the shoulder length auburn wig.  I stood up to put on the black mini dress, but before I slid into the tight glossy fabric, I caught a glimpse of myself in my girl friend’s full length mirror on the wall. I did not recognize the person in the mirror. I was then, and am still, very thin and lean, with almost no body fat and a very muscular body. The girl in lingerie looking back at me in the mirror was gorgeous. A slight smile crept onto my face as I thought of the picture I would take with the bartender and wondered if my fraternity brothers would even recognize me. The makeup tutorial was thorough and all dolled up with mascara, eye liner, sultry eye wshadow, glossy red lips, and a hit of blush on my cheeks, framed with the soft, flowing auburn wig, I looked like a female model. I slipped into the glossy fabric of the mini dress, strapped on some 4 inch patent leather black sandle pumps my  girl friend used when her feet swelled. They were a tight fit, but worked. , It took about 10 minutes of practice before I could walk naturally in the high heels, but my athletically trained body adapted very quickly and soon, I was even practicing a sashay in the heels in front of the full length mirror. I found a chic full length leather jacket to cover things up while getting to the bar.”   

I stopped one final time to look at myself in the mirror and felt a strange sense of strength when staring at the beautiful girl in the mirror.”

“ Anyway, I was so nervous when I entered the G Spot, I walked straight to the bar, ordered 3 double shots of vodka, and started slamming them down.  This woman, or man, or whatever, saw me and walked over. She was striking, very slender, nice rack and soft face. We got to talking and after she ordered me another 3 rounds of double  vodkas, I felt her hand on the soft flesh of my right thigh, below the short mini dress and above my thigh high stockings. A crop of goose bumps formed on my flesh, and this seemed to please her. Her hand travelled further up my leg and for some reason I did not stop her. Maybe it was the alcohol which I was then feeling come into full force, maybe it was the excitement of the moment, maybe I was turned on by it. For whatever reason, I placed my hand on hers and nudged her to go farther. Parts of me wanted this, needed this to move forward. Secret fantasies were coming to life and I did not want anything to stop.

“I was sipping the last vodka when she reached my crotch and felt the lacey thong. She leaned in close and with a deliciously alcohol scented breath saidVery nice. I will enjoy taking these off you as a trophy from my new little slave.” 

I looked at her with a quizzical look, but said nothing. She removed her hand from underneath my mini dress and raised it to finger the “S” dangling from my choker collar. â€œIt has been a while since I have seen one of these slave collars in public, but I like your willingness to display your status.” With that, she slowly gripped my neck with her stong hand and squeezed, in a demonstration of who was in control. I just sheepishly batted my heavily madeup eyes at her and played along while ooking into her eyes.

“My name is Mistress Love and you will address me as such.” She said in a sexy, low voice.

The woman then asked me: â€œYou have been drinking a lot. Need to go to the little girl’s room?”  As she said this, she forced my head into an affirmative nod, smiled and followed with: “Good, I thought so. Come with me.”

Again, maybe it was the alcohol, maybe I was intoxicated by lust and the possibility that a secret fantasy was about to come true. In any event, I stood up on slightly wobbling legs still getting used to the 4 inch heels, and pointed towards the door leading to the downstairs  bathrooms. I felt her take my hand and the next thing you know, she was leading me to the stairs.”

“What happened next is my best ‘oral sex” story, but I doubt it is what you thought I would tell you.

I laid back on the lounge chair next to Mandy and moved in a little closer to her so I could almost whisper the story to her. 

  Mandy was wearing a suble, but very alluring perfume which scented the night air by the pool perfectly. With Mandy ever so slowly teasing and softly stroking my long, thick cock sticking straight up from my boxers, I continued with my story.  

“Would you mind if I tell you the story in the first person, with you as the other person?” 

Mandy paused with her fingering of my cock and noticed that a dollop of precum had oozed out of my slit. She put one finger in it, swirled it around my cock head and then said: â€œSure, if you taste this.” With that, Mandy raised her precum coated finger to my lips and paused.

Without saying anything, I leaned forward, parted my lips, extended my tongue, flicked her finger with the tip of my tongue and then enveloped her delicate finger, as I sucked it in and out of my watering mouth. The taste was familiar.

“OK, here is the rest of the encounter with Mistress Love.” I said in a near whisper.

The story shifts to me in the bathroom stall at the bar, on my knees in front of Mistress Love, with me continuing the story as if it were you in the bathroom with me.

‘Eat me, babe, eat me now!’ is what you said in the stall after you had just fist fucked my ass for a solid 15 minutes. 

Your words were accompanied by a firm downwards pressure on my bare shoulders in the strappy black mini dress. Of course I know what you want. my physical and sexual energy returned at this delightful prospect, for I have been secretly, longing to suck a cock, feel what it was like to circle a cock head with my tongue and feel a long shaft of pleasure in my mouth, maybe even down my throat. I had secretly played with my girl friend’s dildos, sucking on them, working them into my throat, but never, never in a million years did I think I would ever do it for real. Now there I was, on my haunches, being offered a fantasy.”

“I started by wrapping my tongue around your clit ever since I first laid eyes on you. I drop down to my haunches, my knees spreading apart for balance. My skirt is still rucked up around my waist and, as I squat in front of you, a fresh draft of air wafts under the wooden partition wall and with me still gaping from your fist fucking me, I feel the draft on my smooth, shaved bottom and now deflating clit. The air almost tickles around my clit.

I glance downwards for a second; through the gap of four or five inches between the base of the partition and the tiled floor, I can see that in the cubicle behind you there are two pairs of feet – one those of a black CD sister wearing smart cream-coloured pumps, the other a pair of red stilettos with leather straps encasing slim white ankles, and I can tell, from the placing of their feet, and the orientation of the heels that the black Cd sister is slowly, deeply sliding what is probably a massive clit into the white CD sister’s ass.  This must be the couple I saw on the dance floor before we walked to the girl’s roomand I can just imagine the thin red head bent over, back arched, holding onto the wall, allowing the stronger, more muscular Cd sister to penetrate her, dominate her, turn her into a little CD bitch. I heard the little readhead say something like, holy fuck, it will not fit, followed by a deep, throaty exhale as the black CD sister plunged forward and probably bottomed out into the little white girl. I heard panting and then another exhale as the black CD sister withdrew what seemed to be a full foot before plundging back into the petite white CD’s ass. 

I felt a finger on my chin lift up my face and before I could blink, Mandy slapped the right side of my face with her right palm. She then tugged on my wig which was connected to my real hair and my eyes went wide. The moment next door was broken in an instant, despite the moans of pleasure I could hear getting louder and louder.

Mistress Love said: “Don’t you ever keep me waiting you little slave fuck toy. Do you understand?” I just sheepishly nodded. It takes me barely a second to disconnect from the savage activity next door, and returned my full attention to my long awaited fantasy.

I lift my eyes again to admire your elegant grey linen slacks. Their sheer cut is classically elegant and, seen close up, the fine weave of the fabric is clearly of the highest quality. At first, I run my palms over the outside of your trouser legs, and then across the smooth rise of your pelvis and up and down your inner thighs, working my way ever closer to the triangle where they meet – the fount of desire, the place where X marks the treasure trove of Gloria’s Mandy.

This subtle stimulation is all the more erotic because I have not yet removed any more of your clothing, and it is having the desired effect upon you, teasing your libido and setting your nerve-ends tingling. I even feel a little increased bulge as your gaff strains to hold your clit in place.

Now I become firmer in my caresses, and I rub my hand hard upwards against the crotch of your slacks, pressing the seam against you and creating an involuntary cameltoe effect around your tucked clit. 

. You give a throaty sigh, and look down. Here you enjoy a splendid sight from directly above my head – my full faux breasts stick out conically from my girl friend’s black,lacey bra, as I lean closer to you and rub my nipples along the thin fabric that covers your upper thighs. This has a powerful effect on both of us. Your voice has a shaky note for the first time, as you rasp with sudden urgency:

‘Get my clit out, you slut! Get my gaf off an duntuck me, and eat me, you slutty bitch, EAT ME NOW!!’

Spurred on by your command, I change pace altogether and move into rapid action. I swiftly seize the zipper at the side of your trousers, and with a sharp downwards jerk I open its six-inch length. Then it is only the work of a second to undo the two buttons at the waist-band, and pull your slacks down to your ankles. I pause for just a second, transfixed by the proximity of my face to the crotch of your panties – which, as I might have expected, are both stylish and sensual.

Your clit is nicely tucked, just barely covered by a black thong in delicate floral lace which matches your bra, and it has my favourite feature: shoestring sides that have to be tied together in a little bow. And that means ... yes, I think ... ahh, yes!

I loop my index fingers through the hoops of the neat little bow-ties and tug outwards, quickly and firmly. Of course, both ties come undone simultaneously, and the front of your panties flops down like a drawbridge to let out the surging hord, that marvelous white knight, finally exposing your clit which, when you part your legs a bit, drops down and immediately engorges now that it has been released from the constraints of the very sexy gaf.

With a half-grunt, you open your legs a little farther so that I can remove the whole garment, and – as it is obviously an expensive example of the lingerie designer’s art – I put it carefully on the toilet lid. I gaze admiringly at your lightly-tanned thighs, at the curving jut of your clit which now is beginning to point right at me, and what a clit it is. I can see that even though it is not yet fully hard, it is very thick at the base, with a perfectly shaped and rapidly flaring smooth head, long veins begin to protrude from the shaft as life is pumped into it at an ever faster rate. 

Your clit rapidly inflates and is soon its majestic 11 inches long and 3 inches in diameter at the base. I am silenced by its size and girth, just mesmerized by it as it points right at me.

I drink in the heady perfume emanating from your arousal, and reach up to grap your clit head just under the base as I notice your pre cum oozing out. I cannot resist and extend my long, sensuous tongue to lick right at your hole to taste for the first time your delicious pre cum. I savor the bitter sweetness of it as I lick it all away and retract my tongue to coat my mouth with your flavor. 

“Hmmmmmm” I say as I lick my lips and look up at you with your eyes closed, breathing more deeply now.

You are, of course, very smooth, probably a very expensive laser hair removal treatment or two, which results in very soft to the touch skin. I gently flick my tongue around your clit and notice no hair at all, anywhere, and I am instantly jelous of how well groomed you are.  Your legs and pelvis area are all nicely tan, no tan lines at all. Another pang of jealousy attempts to push its way in, but no. not now. Not when my fantasy prize is so close. Staring me right in the face.

I press my pursed lips against your now fully erect rock hard clit which extends so far from your body with its glorious 11 inches in lenth that I have to adjust my feet to move back against the stall wall.

I probe the slash at the tip of your clit hoping for mre pre cum, with the tip of my tongue, in little darting licks and dabs. Then I bring my teeth to bear upon your bare skin, running them up and down under your clit head, giving little nipping nibbles as I do so. I know I am having an effect upon you, for your breathing becomes more audible and your hands tighten their grip upon my shoulders, your nails digging into me.

I finally make my way to the two jewls, the source of what is to come, cum that is, in my waiting mouth. I gently carass them with my lips, lick them with my tongue and even suck each one into my velvety mouth. This illicits a soft moan from your lips as you look down, your clit resting on my auburn hair, me working underneath. 

Just when I think you might get impatient, I withdraw, recenter my face and my lips part and I allow your clit to thrust in further and deeper, retreating with your involuntary hip movements, which allows me to lap in wide strokes up and down your shaft with the flat part of my tongue.

I then delve one of my fingers into the vortex of your ass hole. I bring my fingers up to supplement my oral attentions to your clit and you part your legs even further as you clearly enjoy the double attention to your massive clit and your beautiful ass.

With one, and then two fingers, I tease apart your tight, puckering hole, seeking and sliding them slowly into and out of your ass, never for one second stopping with my oaral attention to your clit. my reward is a moan and a shiver that runs through your frame.

My other hand seeks the base of your rock hard clit to stabilize it for what is about to happen. 

With two fingers deeply inserted into your ass, I stretch it apart, allowing me to tease you from the inside and you squirm and shiver at the obviously wanted attention to your ass hole.

I now clamp my lips around your slippery clit like a limpet, and I begin to suck hard as I move my head up and down your shaft. I look up at you for just a second to notice your eye lids fluttering and then push hard against the stabilized base of your rock hard, massive clit.  The head of your clit slides to the back of my wet mouth, encounters my throat , and with practiced efficiency, I relax my throat to allow your head to start sliding down my well lubricated oral love tunnel.

I make sure not to nick you with my teeth as I push harder, and harder until I can feel your balls resting against my smooth chin. I almost cannot believe it myself, but from the practice with my girl friend’s dildos, I was able to take you all the way down my throat without ever gaging. I try to smile at my accomplishment, but there is no way. Every inch of my mouth is filled, my lips are stretched to the limit to accommodate your coke can size clit base and I just hold you there for a moment, wiggling my tongue against the underside of your shaft.


Now I can feel you starting to tremble, and your breath becomes louder and sharper, in erratic pants and gasps. Your hands release my shoulders, and from the corner of my eye, I see you grasp the cups of your bra and tug them downwards. Your shapely pert faux breasts spill out of the flimsy garment, and you seize your nipples, one in each hand, and maul them. I know then that you have the sensor transfer pads installed about which I read which allow every sensation on your faux nipples to be transferred to your actual nipples underneath.  I make a mental note to get me a pair of those as I continue to work your clit shaft down my throat. You gasp as you pinch your faux nipples hard and this is my que.

I redouble my efforts with my fingers in your ass, corkscrewing then into and out of you, while now bobbing up and down on your clit.

My every sense is engaged: I can feel your thighs quivering, I can smell the wafts of arousal from your clit -glands, I can taste the flowing stream of your now constant pre cum, , I can see the sheen of glistening sweat that beads your golden body, I can hear your rising gasps and broken words, and so I know that you are on the cusp of coming.

Not just yet. I make more gentle my tongue flicks, do not bop as deeply down your shaft, an dbegin to edge you along in a mental sideways slide of passion proportions. You shake, unable to speak, and not sure how to react. I string you along for about 3 to 4 minutes in this almost orgasm state until I think you will begin to objectobject, and then.

It is time for the coup de grace, which I know is ten times more effective if you have the patience to wait for the right moment, and like a Californian surfer take the monster breaker as it crests and ride it to crash upon the shore in a welter of foam and spray. You are ... almost, almost ... ready ... YES!!

Without warning, I do three things at once which fuse into a sexual cum-bomb. My fingers in your ass squeeze your love gland tightly, my lips lock around just the head of your long, glistening clit, with my full suck powers engaged so that my cheeks concave in, and – the detonator to the blast – my other hand leaves your clit base and begins sliding up and down your clit shaft in a rotating motion

Your head jerks backwards, slamming with a wincing bang against the partition wall behind you – but it is only thin chipboard, so it will not have hurt you. Your hands release your nipples, and instead you grab the back of my head and try to get me to take your clit deeper, but no way.  I know exactly what you want and the vice like lock of my mouth around your clit head with the rotating motion of my hand up and down your thick, massive clit shaft is precisely what you crave.

. You give a loud inarticulate cry, your ass-cheeks clench and quiver, and you come in a climax of breath-taking, earth-shaking, dizzy-making intensity. Spurt after spurt of your come coats the inside of my mouth, but with a full suck on, your cum is vaccuumed right down my throat.

I ease of on my vaccum power to allow two spurts of your cum to languish on my ton and in my mouth. I will now not swallow until I have milked you dry, and this will take several more moments. I allow my tongue to form a hard point and begin flicking it on the sensitive skin under your clit head and I feel your clit jerk a little as you deliver another spurt of cum to my mouth.

As your iron grip on my head relaxes slightly in the aftermath, allowing me to get a gasp of breath, your clit momentarily slips out of my mouth , and your clit squirts a spray of your juices across my upper lip, and I open my mouth wide to lap it up as it drops down past my ruby red lips, into my mouth. .

I know that I will never be the same now that my fantasy has come to life and I want more.

I re-insert your clit into my waiting, wet, cum filled mouth and continue flicking your sensitive under head area for what seems like another 60 seconds and with my lips still locked around your clit head, I begin actually milking your clit shaft. With each pull down your clit shaft, I receive another golden, bitter sweet strand of your cum, and this milking action carries on for about 60 seconds until I am convinced that you are completely spent, and dry. 

Not one drop of your cum excaped my mouth and now that you are empty, I lean back and look up at you to smile. Then I open my mouth and allow you to watch as I toss my tongue around and around the pool of cum in my mouth. I push some cum out to my lips and then suck it back, only to push it out again and lick it up with my tongue, again and again, loving the sensation, loving your fixed gaze on me as I worship your cum.

As if I was waiting for your permission, you say in a quivering voice:

“Swallow it sloly, in severl small gulps. I want to watch it flow down your throat, you little fucking slut.”

I obeyed mistress Love and with short, shallow gulps, I begin to swallow your cum down my throat. I make it last for 20 small gulps, and when finished, I part my red lips, open my mouth and show off that I have taken your full load, gratefully, willingly, and ever so lovingly.

You recover your breath, but still lean for support against the wooden wall. In the sudden silence, we hear from the cubicle behind you a series of rising harsh cries:

‘Oh, fuck, yes! Oh, yes, yes – aah, oh fuck me! Aaah, fuckme, fuck me! Aaaahhh, FUCK ME, FUCKMENOW!!’

The wall vibrates against your back, as the black CD sister that I saw earlier on the dance floor and the pretty baby-faced busty red headed petite white girl come together, long clit buried deeply into the red head’s ass, in fierce eager urgency. You look down at me and smile – oh, what a lovely smile you have! it is warm, and yet with still a tinge of vulpine desire! – and we both laugh.

You put a finger under my chin and gently raise me to my feet, and then your arms wrap around me and pull me into a tight embrace, and I feel again the wonderful sensation of my erect tits pressing against your smaller firm globes.

You kiss me, in slow languorous pleasure, both of us content in the security that comes after the first furious sexual lust has been satisfied, after the commitment has been made to share our bodies utterly, and in the knowledge that the night is young and there are many hours of lipstick CD lesbian passion still to be enjoyed. Then you whisper, a husky tone in your throat:

‘Well, babe, I think I can hold off for just about long enough to drive you back to my place – but, honey, get your strength back, because once we’re there, I’m gonna want you – again, and again, and again!’

As if to mark the occasion, you turn me around an dlift up my short dress again. â€œSpread your legs babe”, you command and I obey by shuffling my stillettos apart a little, arching my back and sticking out my tight, well fucked ass.

You reach into your jacket pocket which you had placed on the stall door and pull out a jeweled object, all shiney with silver gleaming artwork on it. With a hand pressed into my sholders so as to prevent me from moving, you take the cold steely object and slide it down my back, between my ass cheeks, and rest it at the entrance of my CD love hole. The cool sensation generates an entire crop of goose bumps, and I begin to shake, not knowing what is next.

With a practiced and confident manner, you push the anal plug into my nearly gaping asshole, stretched due to the fist fucking I received 30 minutes ago now and once inserted, you press a button and it expands into my asshole to the size of a tennis ball. 

I try to scream, but you have anticipated my reaction and have cupped my mouth with the hand which had been forcing me into the stall wall. My cry is muffled into your hand and after a moment, you release your clamp on my mouth. You whisper,: “Give it a moment babe, you will get used to it soon.”. 

I was panting now with this large, expandable anal plug in my CD love hole and with wobbly legs, I tried to remain calm.   So much emotion, so much secrecy gone, I felt free, more free than I had in years, an , apparently, it was not yet over.

“Now that’s a good girl”, you purr in my ear as I feel your hand leave my mouth and allow me to stand up straight. 

I have a remote control and will increase the size a little bit in between now and when we arrive at my place so that I am sure you are nicely dialated for what I will be sliding into your tight ass.   My fist and forearm are nothing as compared to my clit when fully engorged and you are going to open up for me, to allow me to explore the depths of your ass like no one has ever before.

As I take in your words, the hit me like another triple shot of vodka and I become drunk with the notion of you taking me, to your bedroom, laying me down and sliding your monster clit deep inside of me, to claim me, to make me your bitch.  Another fantasy of mine and I cannot believe it will come true this night as well.

An then in a voice I barely recognize, I say: Oh, Mistress Love, thank you, thank you – sweep me up in your chariot of fire, and take me to your place, to your glorious condo! I so want to be a good girl for you, to please you, to allow you to use me, pleasure yourself with my body, to completely control me as I fall into your spell and become your most faithful little sex slave.”

I take one step forward and realize that the size of the anal plug requires me to walk with my ass stuck out a little, which pleases you. You straighten out the hem of my short dress and pat my ass which is almost showing underneath the hem.  As we walk out of the stall.

Back to the poolside encountger with lushious Mandy.

So, what do you think of my story,” I say in a tentative voice.

“Hmmmm, what a curious boy you are. Well, where do I start? Maybe it is with the fist fucking part of the story you left out, or maybe the dildo training in which you engaged prior to your crossdressing experience to eliminate your gag reflex? What about the follow up with your fraternity brothers? Maybe I just say Holy Fuck, I think I am in love.” Mandy says in a soft, stedy, practiced voice which melts me.

I look down and then back up into her eyes. As I do so I noticed that she had begun to focus her light, teasing attention to just the sensitive skin under my cock head which was oozing more pre cum now. That I had not yet cum during the telling of the story is a tribute to Mandy’s edging techniques which had my balls tightening up and relaxing a dozen times or more.   The pre cum oozing out of my slit dribbled indown to her fingers and once she was sure I had finished my story, she again, lifted her fingers to my mouth. I dutifully licked and sucked them clean, my arousal increasing with each lick.

Mandy then sat up and stood up. â€œWhat a wonderful story, you little secret crossdresser you..and that you love to suck the clit of a trans girl, well, that gets me really turned on.” With this, Mandy removed her tiny white towel and put her fingers into the loops of her side tie bikini thong panties.

 As promised, “You ready to play?” mandy whispered in a deep, throaty voice as she pulled the side ties loose on her bikini bottoms and let them fall to the deck.

Now I got to see all her features to their full potential. She had long auburn hair, deep lusty light green eyes, and a frame to match the beauty in her face. She was something of a twig, very thin, long legs, tiny waist which expanded in a V shape up to her shoulders, an those tits, magnificent tits. They were full, perfectly round,with the nipples pointing up and out, very perky despite their size. They swayed gently with her movements and I was mesmerized wit auburn curls swirling around the hard nipples. Then there was the real surprise, to my utter delight.  she was a perfect mixture that gave her that porn star look that every guy dreams of. I lowered by eyes past her perfect boobs and caught my eye on the huge cock hanging between her thighs. It had to be at least seven inches, and it wasn’t even erect! In that moment I want to tell you that I unlocked the door to run away, but I didn’t. I just sat there on my knees, not a foot from this enormous dick, staring at it in shock because I was expecting to find a pretty pink pussy.  My secret out, my mouth instantly began to water and I wanted, no needed, her cock inside my wet, velvety mouth.

In that moment of mesmerizing shock, Mandy said, Don’t you want me to feel all those amazing things you described in your story with the mysterious Mistress Love girl?”

Just then, I eagerly grabbed her perfect fit ass and pulled her into my mouth. I sucked and licked the best I could to try and please her. I did it mostly to get her to cum and taste the sweet nectur I had craved ever since that one, marvelous crossdressing night, but also I wanted my own release after 30 minutes of being on the edge of my own orgasm. The more I sucked on her length and made her hard the more I enjoyed it. Apparently she enjoyed it too judging by the way she moaned in delight. This was not my best blow job, in fact might be considered a quicky, but I was eager to reacquaint myself with my fem side and enjoy all that Mandy had to offer.

After a few minutes of eagerly slurping on her cock she tensed up and shot an unbelievably large load deep into the back of my throat. I tried to keep up but she came buckets, and soon her seed filled my mouth to the brim. Right when I thought my stomach would explode from cum overload, she stopped coming and removed her soft cock from my mouth. She kneeled down with me and I gave her a passionate kiss, pushing all the excess semen in my mouth into hers. Mandy then looked down to my rock hard cock with her mouth filled with her own seed. Motioning me to get up with her hands, I stood up and she took my whole 10 inches into her mouth. Lubing it up with her mouth full of warm cum. Mandy swallowed the excess and asked me if I wanted something special, something she had never let anyone else do before.

“Yes, yes, whtever” I said through all the gasping. I had almost cum in 10 seconds from her oral attention, but this was not her goal, at least not yet.

I want that cum coated, lubed cock buried in my ass, Mandy declared as she bent herself over the wooden bench in the hot sauna. The thought that this must be a dream kept reoccurring as I obeyed her every command. My shaft was laid out across her tight, firm ass cheeks and it slid across her crack due to the sheer amount of cum that it was covered in. I teased her for a very long time by sliding it up and down her star which was pulsating with anticipation. She was obviously lying about never being fucked in the asss before, or she had some significant experience with anal dildos, but no matter. With her star puckered and winking at me, I could not resist any further. I grabbed her by her tiny hips, held her firmly and pushed my cock head into and out of her winking fuck tunnel until Mandy thought she had enough teasing and grabbed it, moving my head to her small tight asshole. With a little force, and a lot of my own cum as lube, she pushed back, wiggled her hips a little to make sure the shaft was properly seated, and then gave me a clucking command like the sound you give a horse to get a move on as she resumed her position on her elbows, back arched, legs straight, ass pushed out and up. .  I pushed my way inside; making her moan in delight.

Believe it or not, this is the first time I let a guy fuck me in the ass, Mandy said. Then she added, but I’ve fucked many boys silly and making them cum without touching their cocks. I figure I’ll do the same to you, my little sex slave. Right now, however, let’s see what you got.” .

After hearing that I said “Yes, Misstress,” and forced another two inches insideher tight shemale fuck tunnel. Mandy squeal like a school girl. She wiggled her ass a little more and gave me another clucking command.  

Only half way inside and I feel like I’m going to cum in seconds,” I thought to myself with regret. I held back until I was all the way in, opening her up to accommodate my length. She wanted me to start pumping her slow and deep. I started doing so and when she was gaping and asking for more, I slammed my cock deep inside her with a powerful thrust that made her flinch from pain and pleasure. As soon as my balls slapped loudly against her ass I came, only 60 seconds into the session, shooting more cum into her than I knew I had. She responded by squeezing her muscles in her ass, making her sphincter suck and drain my shaft of its contents. Then I asked how she liked it.

I’ve always wanted to know what that feels like, but I guess you have more to learn than me because I’m a few inches longer than you are. I also wanted to give you a little release since I expect you to last longer than 60 seconds next time. How can I train you as my new fuck toy if you do not last longer and wait until my command to allow you to cum.” She said with an almost annoyed tone. â€œFrom now on, if you cum without my permission, you will be punished, severely.” 

Thicker too, I added. Which made her blush, and soften her expression.

“Thanks for the complement, but you now need to start performing for your boss in a more meaningful way. I will call down to the front desk and ask for extra towels and a bottle of vodka. You can bring them up to me in my suite and I will continue with your training.”

Of course if it means being a good fuck toy for you, I will do anything you wish, Mistress” I said. We left the sauna and she took her thong panties from the deck where she had dropped them. She quickly slid them on, tied the sides and pulled them up, after expertly tucking her deflating clit into \its hidden treasure spot.

Before we left the dark area of the pool she pushed me up against the wall and kissed me with passion. I could still taste the cum in her mouth and to my surprise she licked some off my cheek that I didn’t even know was there. That could’ve caused a problem with the other staff. She told me, with her face close.

“talking about a problem, you seem to have abandoned your grooming hapits recently. I want you you soft and smooth, all over with no hair below your eyebrows when you get to my room. You understand?” Mandy said as she plucked out a pinch of hair on my leg.

“Fuck, that hurt,” I said in an involuntary reaction to the pain.

“you think that was painful? Try walking into my suite without being properly groomed and you will experience pain like you have never felt, so do the right thing, you slave fuck toy.” She said with her voice trailing off.  â€œRoom 752. 60 minutes.”

That’s the presidential suite! I exclaimed as she was walking down the hallway, but Mandy never heard me.

60 minutes later, after a long grooming session in the employee shower area, stealing a pair of Le Perla panties from the closed high end boutique store in the lobby area and figuring out how to calm down enough to tuck my excited cock into a tucked hiding place under the black lace panties, I dressed in my workout sweats knowing that things would come off soon enough. I made my way to the Presidential Suite with the most expensive and nice bottle of vodka I could find, with it were two glasses and three towels and some high end mixers for the Vodka.

The door opened and framed perfectly in the doorway was Mandy wearing the sexiest dark blue sheer, Le Perla lingerie I’ve ever seen. She was practically naked in the sheer tong panties, push up shelf bra, skin tight teddy top, matching thigh high fish net stockings, and matching dark blue and gold stillettos which matched the dark blue lether collar with the word “Misstress In training” written in delicate gold letering. Her auburn flowing hair was flowing around her shoulders and she was backlit in the doorway, like a Goddess, legs apart, one hand on the door and one on her hip.

I “could get it out of my head that this stunning girl was walking around with a big load of my cum deep in her ass.

Come in my slave fuck boy toy.” She said softly.

I entered, eyed the plush suite with its elegant furnishings and put the towels Vodka, glasses, and mixers

on the countertop, still surprised I was about to have hot sex with this trans woman in one of the nicest rooms in the city.

After closing the door, Mandy said: “Come over here, take off those sweats and let me look at what I have to deal with here.”

After mixing two strong drinks, I took off my sweats, walked over to Mandy and offered her the icey cold cocktail. â€œSomething to calm me down.” I said as I drained the triple Vodka drink. I stood in front of Mandy and lowered my eyes. I had heard that sex slaves were not to look at their Misstresses, unless told to do so and I wanted to please this Goddess of a trans woman.

“I think I have just the thing for you.” She said as she looked me up and down. She walked over to a bag, rummaged around and came back with a school girl’s outfit, complete with skirt, white uniform shirt, school colors tie, and white thigh high stockings with black little floral bows on them. 

Go into the bathroom, dress in this and come out when you are ready. Take another triple Vodka cocktail with you as I want you completely compliant.” Mandy said as if she was telling me to go make a copy of something. She sipped her drink and then nodded with approval.

“Like the Le Perla panties. You will make a perfect fuck toy tonight…and nice grooming job” Mandy said dragging her finger across my chest, flicking my left nipple along the way.

I dutifully mixed  myself another drink, blushed as she called me a fuck toy, and gathered up the school girl outfit to walk into the luxurious bathroom. Minutes later I returned and this generated a low whistle from Mandy.

“Now, let me see, ah yes, this will do.” Mandy pulled out a red wig from another bag, motioned for me to sit infront of the vanity in my little outfit and affix the wig onto my scalp, pulling it back into a ponytail and wrapping it up in a ribbon. 

As I stared with lust in my eyes in the multiple mirrors of the vanity, Mandy returned with two beautiful faux breast forms, reached under my shirt and using adhesive, affixed them perfectly to my skin right where they would have been if I were a woman.  She let the adhesive set for a second or two as she held them to my chest, and then buttoned up my shirt to turn to the next task. 

“Now, let’s make magic!” Mandy exclaimed as she pulled out her make up case and started with the makeover. 

15 minutes later, she had me standing in front of a full length mirror and again, I did not recognize the girl in the mirror. The outfit worked perfectly with my very thin, lean muscular build, and I must say that I was very aroused by the image of my fem self. Mandy was an artist with her makeup brushes, mascara, thick eye liner, eye shadow, and lipstick. I was gorgeous.

Mandy walked over slowly, herded me against the wall, and stared at me.

I leaned back against the rear wall, my tongue wetting my lips in anticipation, and for a tantalising moment we just looked at each other, consumed with lipstick CD Shemale lesbian lust. Then she stepped closer, undid my school tie and unbuttoned the shirt, pulling it sideways to expose my chest and my large, DD faux breast which were well affixed to my chest. My tits were encased in a girlish plain white cotton bra, which was part of the costume. She ran her fingertips below the cups, which had an electrifying effect, and then traced around to the nipples. With a deft movement, she scooped both of my tits out of their bra caps and bent her head to suck on each of them in turn. I gasped with the tingling stimulus of pleasure that resulted from the sensation being transferred to my actual nipples via an invisible transfer pad on the underside of the faux breasts. For just this possibility, she had painted a sweet, peppermint liquid on my faux nipples and her throaty hummm of approval was what I wanted to hear as I could smell her tongue activating the peppermint flavor and aroma on the hard nipples as the sensuous tickle of her auburn hair fell across my shoulders and my upper chest.

In response, I hoisted my skirt up to my hips and thrust my pelvis forward, legs spread slightly apart. The delectable auburn ’s hand almost instantly slipped inside my gaf to reach under and through my legs to feel my long, tucked CD clit, now throbbing to be released. Finally, I could not take it any more and with one hand I pulled the expensive Le Perla gaf aside to release my CD clit, spreading my legs still wider, with my gaf just pulled to one side .

Her fingers began stroking my CD clit which in just seconds filled to its massive proportions. Mandy teasingly fingered the head of myCD clit, making sure to give attention to the sensitive area just under the head, and she could see that her manipulations were having the intended affect.  My CD clit was rising and falling with each breath, and it was all I could do not to start begging. 

‘I know that you are not a virgin, but how many times have you been fucked like a little girl bitch that you are?’ Mandy asked. I immediately realized that she had plans for my CD pussy and was very pleased to have thoroughly cleaned myself down there and inserted a healthy portion of coconut oil into my CD pussy when down in the employee changing room so that it would be slick, sensuous and inviting.

I replied that it was OK, she could go ahead and do anything she wanted to do with me, especially since I had prepared for the evening by working a massive 11 inch long, 3 inch wide anal dildo into my CD pussy while I took the hot shower after my clensing experience to get ready for the evening.

Mandy dropped to her haunches, bringing her face level with my Cd clit. She then pulled down my gaf and allowed me to step out of it completely. Using two fingers, she spread my ass cheeks apart and pryed open the pink, puckered, rosebud treasure hole between. Her mouth opened and her tongue extended to start licking my CD clit which was now leaking precum.

After a moment of licking the shaft of my CD clit, her tongue moved up to the top of my slit and licked the precum, and then closed her entire mouth around my head and locked it in place to suck hard. I heard her moan a little as she coaxed out all of the precum from my slit and I could feel her massage my head with her precum coated tongue. It was driving me wild.

While she was beginning to bob her head on my CD clit, her two fingers were pushed deep into my CD pussy and she found little resistance with the coconut oil making it easier for her to probe me .

She then began pumping in and out of my CD pussy, finding my sensitive orgasm spot with each sgtroke.

Whilst she was doing this, she thrust her unoccupied hand between her legs, pulling aside her own gaf and freeing her own monster shemale clit. She started stroking her shemale clit even faster and more roughly than she was doing to my CD clit with her mouth and other hand. 

We both began to breathe raggedly, to gasp quietly and to start to shudder, building our way to a climax – of what would be, for me, my first orgasm from the ministrations of a shemale lesbian, which I considered to be my true loss of virginity.

At that moment, utterly without warning, the suite door was whisked open (Jesus Christ – hadn’t she locked it?!!), and Mandy’s blow job session was interrupted by the uniformed female hotel security guard. Her body loomed over the crouching auburn , one hand descending to grip her shoulder. As I stared this astonishing apparition in the face, I emitted a strangled high-pitched shriek – partly of horror at being discovered and exposed.

Most of all, I had been so close to a big orgasm, and it was partly of desperate frustration that I thought to myself. No, no!  It just wasn’t fair

Then, I noticed two unexpected things: the security officer was smiling at me, with hungry desire in her eyes, and Mandy blowing my CD clit seemed to be not in the slightest bit surprised or alarmed at this intrusion into our impromptu love-nest.

The guard gave me a wicked grin, and said: ‘I see you’ve met my cute, shemale bitch, then?’ She gave a firm and possessive caress to the top of Mandy’s auburn head, fortunately not interrupting mandy’s bobbing of her head on my CD clit, and tongue around my CD clit head.

\I noticed that the adrenalin rush had heightened  my sense of arousal, and Mandy’s tongue was still working me into a mounting burst of wild preorgasmic sensations. 

‘Or, rather, she’s met you, pretty titties, hasn’t she?’ And to my delight, the uniformed guard pulled the suite’s door closed behind her – and locked it.

She reached forward and stroked my faux breasts, taking one of my permanently protruding and stiff nipples between her first and second fingers, and squeezing it firmly. The transfer pad effect sent a new wave of arousal to my actual nipple which somehow amplified those radiating from my CD clit.

I stared at the security guard, open-mouthed until she leaned closer and kissed me, her warm tongue pushing between my lips and sweeping around my gums like a cavalry charge. She was a beautiful post op trans woman, not a CD, in her early thirties, a little taller than her shemale slave. Her mid-brown hair fell from a centre parting in a straight cut that was attractively shaped to frame her face, longer at the front of her neck than at the back. Her warm brown eyes were highlighted by dark make-up, and her full lips were accentuated by a rose pink lipstick which contrasted well with the faint olive tone to her skin – a hint of something Mediterranean, perhaps French or Italian, in her ancestry. Her uniform added to her authority and charisma; she was outfitted in black boots, a fairly short and tight black skirt, a shirt in light brown or khaki, with a contrasting dark brown tie and uniform cap.

The guard’s hands did not falter in their fondling of my breasts, whilst Mandy– her lover, I now understood – increased the tempo of her blow job. Under the combined attentions of the two women (Oh, wonderful, how could I be so lucky! I thought), I soon recovered my nerve, and my body began again to enter the throes of sexual climax. I was less audible now, because the uniformed guard had her mouth mashed against mine, French kissing me vigorously. She had one of my breasts in each hand, stroking, squeezing and teasing by rubbing the palms of her hands across them and then trapping the tit between two fingers and pulling on it. Down below, Mandy was still giving me the full benefit of her skills with her mouth around my CD clit, every once in a while pushing hard to force my CD clit deep down her throat which seemed to give her great pleasure. The pace and tempo her her deep throating, tongue teasing was magic on my clit, as was her manipulations of my CD pussy with what I gathered were now 3 fingers deeply plunging into and out of my tiht hole.

I glimpsed down when the guard broke from my lips for a second and noticed that Mandy’s own shemale clit was rock hard, and bulging as she was furiously shafting her own shemale clit.

My own hands were splayed out against the wall on either side of me, partly to steady myself lest the fireworks exploding in my body and brain should cause me to faint, and partly to brace myself and push my pelvis outwards so that Mandy could take my CD clit deeper into her throat

The sensations mounted like a ride on a jerky escalator, but always heading to the top. At last, I reached the crest and plunged over, stunned by the explosive pleasure of my shemale enduced full orgasm.

Mandy sensed that I was falling over the edge and extracted my CD clit from her throat, locked her lips around my head, sucked hard with her mouth, and took the fingers from my ass to start stroking up and down on my shaft.   I rewarded her with rope after rope of hot, delicious cum shots hitting the back of her throat. Her tongue never stopped flicking the underside of my CD head and she dutifully swallowed each and every cum burst in her mouth.

The uniformed guard produced a tissue from somewhere, and with a practiced make up gentleness, and with solicitude wiped my eyes dry which had formed small tears of joy in them.

The guard murmured ‘there, there, baby doll, you’re just fine now’. Mandy, Her shemale slave gave me some last licks on my CD clit which emerged from her mouth with an audible pop.  She licked her lips and said:

“Mistress, she tastes like a virgin, so lively, so tinglingly, was her cum in my mouth, it is making me very excited. May I please myself Misstress? Please ?” Mandy begged.

“No. Not yet you little slut” The guard said. â€œCome up here and let me taste my new CD slave, I mean Misstress In training.”

With that, Mandy then rose to her feet and obeyed her Mistress with a kiss, They kissed for a few seconds, savouring the taste of my cum on their tongues.

I noticed the guard and Mandy, her obviously obedient shemale slave briefly exchange a glance and a nod.

The brunette guard turned back to me, and for a moment her hand explored my CD pussy, slipping a finger into me for an inch or so. I gave a sigh of pleasure and tried to spread my legs further apart for her, responses which she noted with an approving smile. She told me that what she intended to do to me would get too noisy against the wall, so Mandy took my hand and lead me over to the massive, four poster bed in the middle of the master bedroom suite. 

It became apparent that Mandy was not only the security guard’s shemale slave, but her lover and live-in partner. With Mandy’s status in the hotel chain, she had access to whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it and this is what the guard took full advantage of.

‘Nearly all of the lipstick CD sisters and shemales in this town pass through our hands, at some point or other,’ said the uniformed guard with evident satisfaction. ‘After all,’ she continued, ‘most of the good looking CDs stay here at least sometimes, and we are pretty good at picking out the vibes from the CDs and shemales whether they’re fourteen or forty – it’s just something in the way they are looking at the other women, checking them out. The way they carry themselves, and the unmistakable look of the gaf keeping things tucked in.’

‘It’s true’, affirmed Mandy, the sexy shemale auburn woman , ‘especially if you watch how they look at a pretty CD chick, or someone with a short skirt or a lot of cleavage showing. I mean, straight women will look too, of course, it’s instinctive to take note of the competition, but us transgirls have a different kind of interest, another way of doing it, with just a special sort of glance – and we are experts at spotting that!’

The security guard took over the duty of holding up her skirt, as Mandy transferred her attention to her Misstress’s uniform shirt, unbuttoning it and pulling it back to hang from the shoulders. This revealed the bra that completed her lingerie set, its lilac side panels and cups decorated with black polka-dots, and with the top half of the cups made of the black lace. She had firm constructed breasts, medium-sized but probably at least one cup size larger than those of Mandy her auburn shemale slave’s breasts and that was saying something. 

Mandy began to caress these with one hand, whilst with the other she gave an encouraging push on the back of my head, impelling my mouth forward onto her lover’s pussy, and avidly watching everything that I did.

I tried to remember the last time I had made my former girl friend cum by going down on her, but this was a new position. Then I recalled the women in all the porn I had watched ate pussy, and did my best to emulate it – an effort which turned out to be pretty good, from both the noises and physical reactions which followed. When I found the guard’s female clit with my mouth, I sucked and licked it as firmly as possible, and pushed my index finger deep into the vaginal hole, savouring its warm and wet muscular strength. After I had pulled this in and out a dozen or so times, at increasing tempo, she suddenly shouted: ‘Oh, fuck – I’m coming, I’m coming! – yeah, now baby, fuck me now!’ I was electrified, and gasped as her hips juddered violently and sweet juices ran out of her pussy all over my face and hand. I felt wonderful – I had made a trans woman orgasm, and had enjoyed it so much I thought that I had a nonejaculatory orgasm myself when she did.

Finally, they gave me the last step in my initiation into their love triangle– my first ever full penetrations by another woman. The guard removed her skirt and shirt, remaining a true vision of female dominance in her boots, stockings, garter belt and bra, whilst Mandy, her auburn sexy shemale slave stripped down to just her hold-ups and lacy push up bra, discarding her teddy and panties. From one of the suitcases near the bed, , the guard produced a massive strap-on dildo, and the guard instructed Mandy to fastened one onto her.

My eyes bulged at the sight: Mandy, The shemale auburn had a massive CD clit and the trans woman guard had something which should have been on a horse. 14 inches long, a soda can thick at the base, and two large fixed balls attached.  I noticed that the CD auburn was pouring some irish cream liquor into the massive strap on which must be capable of squirting.

I did feel a moment of anxiety, but nothing was going to stop me now. I shed everything except my white knee socks and lay down on the camp bed, legs spread open. The guard knelt between my thighs, and with a firm forward push inserted her dildo into my CD pussy which was well prepared for her.

While I was just getting used to the large dildo in my ass, Mandy offered her real shemale clit to my mouth, and I sucked on it as the brunette began shafting me in the missionary position. I was too inexperienced to be able to hold back my orgasm for long, and within a minute or so my back arched, I thrust my hips into the air, my fists beat on the side of the bed, and I gave an ululating cry of ecstasy as the expert guard was pounding my sensitive orgasmic spot in my ass again and again.

They just continued pumping into and out of me while I came, making sure to hold a little cup around my clit head to capture my spilling seed as it pumped out of me. 

Mandy unclipped the cum cup around my CD clit head and dribbled the contents onto her shemale clit, letting it use gravity to slide down her shaft. Ultimately, with her shemale clit down my throat,the stream of cum began flowing into my mouth.. 

“Open wide, like a good girl,” Mandy said as she savored the sight of pumping her shemale clit into my mouth , watching me suck up all of my own cum, further lubricating her shaft which she plunged ever so slowly deeper and deeper down my throat unlt her sack rested against my chin. I loved it, all of it.

For what seemed like 20 minutes, I was fucked like a whore by these two favulous girls. At one point, I felt my legs beign lifted and put onto the shoulders of the brunette who repositioned herself on the bed. 

“go balls deep into her throat.” I heard the brunet mistress command of Mandy who immediately shoved her entire shemale clit back into and down my mouth, to the back of my throat, and then all the way down. I could not breathe, and this is what the brunette wanted.

Then, with a long sigh, I felt the brunette push harder and inch by inch, I began to take the entire shaft of her strap on dildo into my ass. She encountered some resistance at my inner spincter , but with a little wiggle of my ass, , I worked the head of her massive plastic cock past my last internal defenses and I was then all hers. The stretching sensation was intense and even with all the coconut oil in my ass, it hurt, really hurt. I would have screamed out when the brunette bottomed out and pressed hard to make sure I could take no more, but the large shemale clit deep in my throat prevented any sound from coming out of me.

I just lay there, pinned at both ends, feeling my inner sanctums beign violated, taken, forced, until I could feel the brunette’s dildo gently , persistently push her faux balls into my ass. I was in heaven. My fantasy come true, I was being raped by two experienced trans girls , one a sexy, beautiful shemale, and one a post op MTF woman, I loved it.

I was stirred back into the moment when I felt the shemale clit in my throat withdraw until just the tip was in my mouth. I gasped for air, and then gasped again as the brunette began to withdraw a little and pumped back in. She repeated this , pumping motion until I could see that she was about to cum with the motion of the dilldo rubbing against her clit. 

“Yes, fuck me. Fuck me Mistress. Make me your little school girl slut. Cum on me. Take me. Oh God, it is sooo good. More please.” I begged.

“Get ready.” The brunette said and the CD auburn knew what to do. 

Mandy then began to pump into my mouth with a series of long, careful strokes as she stroked the shaft part of her shemale clit with her right hand. In moments I felt her shemale clit head swell, and then a flood of cum started shooting into my mouth. Stream after stream flowed into my mouth and I swallowed as quickly as I could. Mandy was sure not to spill any and before I knew it, I could hear the guard cumming as she was bucking wildly with the dildo plowing into and out of my ass at a feverish pace.   Just as Mandy’s shemale clit began to deflate and the last drops of cum were being milked out of her into my mouth, the brunette withdrew her dildo from my ass and straddled my face with her monster cock.

“Suck it you little slut.” The burnette said.

I felt Mandy’s Cd clit pull out and felt the larger head of the brunette’s cock enter into my mouth. I tasted my ass and then something unusual. The brunette pressed a button on her dildo and I felt shot after shot of irish cream liquor come out of the slit in the dildo and into my mouth. I drank this necture eagerly and it must have been an entire glass full before the brunette stopped pumping into and out of my mouth.

It had been amazing and wonderful, but I found that the next stage was even more to my taste. After the brunette pulled out of me, Mandy, her slave got me to roll over onto my hands and knees, my ass thrust up and out at her, inviting her. Beggin her to fuck me from behind.

She scratched my back for a moment, very sensuous, , reached under to squeeze my tits again, and then the next thing that I felt was the tip of her large CD clit nudging between my ass cheeks, pointing right at my gaping hole. Mandy took a firm grip at my waist, and with a smooth thrust slid the entire length of her shemale clit deep into my well-lubricated hole.

The arousal and eroticism was indescribable, and in this way I discovered my favourite sex position. I squealed with pleasure, and my begging encouraged Mandy to push her shemale clit into me harder, faster and deeper which produced the requested result. I felt almost as if I was on the end of a battering ram, and my breaths became strangled gasps and shudders as I was bowled along into the biggest, best, most bone-shaking orgasm of them all. I had not noticed that the brunette had crawled underneath me and when I came, her mouth was positioned to lock around my clit head to suck down my seed. This only made me cum harder.

The guard then crawled out from underneath me, knelt by my head, pulled up my chin with her index finger and bend down. I opened my mouth knowing what was coming, and the guard let strand after strand of my own cum dribble out of her mouth into mine. I extended my tongue to capture every drop. When finished, the guard smiled and whispered to me, “Open wide, like a good girl.,” I did and she drew in close to spit the rest of the cum directly into my waiting mouth.. I left my mouth open, as if to beg for another shot and the guard did not disappoint. She closed her lips, vaccumed up another shot, and spit it directly into my mouth. â€œThat’s a good girl.” She said as she stroked my soft, smooth sheek.

My cuming made my ass tighter around Mandy’s shemale clit and she felt the additional pressure. Within seconds, she came again, with a shuddering orgasm while deep in my ass and just kept stroking into me as she pumped load after load into my ass. When she was finished, she withdrew and called me over to her clit. I knew what she wanted and quickly turned around to catch her clit in my mouth while it was still semi-hard. I milked her shaft to extract the last drops of cum from her and gratefully suck and swallowed all she would give me.

After my orgasm and subsequent suckling of both of the long, tasty shafts, I was weak and exhausted, but deliriously happy. I then heard the guard say, “Now the fun will really begin, with a tingling sensation in my mouth from all the cum I had tasted.

They pulled me back onto my hands and knees with mandy ordered to crawl underneath me so that her shemale clit was right at my mouth again.

“suck her hard again.” I was ordered by the head brunette Mistress .

I lowered my mouth and lifted the semi-hard clit into the warmth of my mouth. With gentle tonguing and sucking, I coaxed Mandy’s shemale clit back to life and soon, it was rock hard . I enjoyed the sensation of it sliding into and out of my mouth when my trance was broken by the next command.

“Back inside of her Mandy, you shemale bitch,” the brunette barked.

Mandy crawled down underneath me, and positioned her now hard clit right at the entrance of my gaping love tunnel. She slipped it into me easily, and then I felt some cool liquid begin pored around my asshole

. I was face to face with Mandy, the sexy, shemale and started kissing her as I felt the head of the brunette’s strap on touch the top entrance to my love hole. I tried to pull back but Mandy snaked her arms around me to hold me down. 


With a tongue in my mouth, unable to protest, I began to feel the brunette push her cock head into my ever tightening ass.  

“Just relax,” she whispered as she pushed harder and harder.

I was panting into the mouth of Mandy, my auburn shemale lover when it happened. The massive head of my new mistress’s strap on dildo cock entered me with Mandy’s shemale clit already inside of me. 

I just gave out a long exhale as my Mistress pushed harder and inched the large dildo into me. It tooke several minutes an some additional lube, but after a while, I had relaxed enough to take both shafts in my ass at the same time. 

I was in some sort of trance as both the auburn and brunette began slowly dancing with their shafts inside of me. Moving their hips in a rythem that allowed them to pump into and out of me. The auburn had cum so many times, she would not come again, but the brunette with her real girl clit, wanted more. She ground her hips into me until I was moaning deeply for her to fuck me. 

Mandy just kissed and kissed me. Telling me I was a good girl, telling me to relax, to take the large shafts in my ass, to submit to them, to become their little school girl fuck toy. 

I might have had a couple of minor orgasms as they fucked me for 25 minutes until finally, the brunette came with a thunderous scream and some violent thrusts into my ass.

The brunette pulled out and then Mandy pulled out, and I wanted to collapse. 

“Don’t move” was the command and I just rested my head on Mandy’s soft, perky breasts, sticking my ass high in the air.

 they told me to stay on my knees, reach around and pull my ass cheeks apart so they could admire their handy work.  I moved my hands down between my legts and pulled apart my ass cheeks revealing a gaping hole. 

With a few spanks on my ass, the brunette said: â€œthat is my good girl.;” You will cum to love beign double fucked by us.;”

I just loved the feeling of beign wanted so much. I ;would have done anything for them at that point.

The end.

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